What is the Gospel?

How Can I Be Saved? The Gospel!

“What must I do to be saved?”  If you are asking that question, the gospel is the answer.  In short, the “gospel” is the good news! It tells us how to be set free from both present guilt and enslavement to sin and also from the eternal consequences of sin (namely, etenral conscious torment in hell).  It is the good news that because of Christ, your sin can be forgiven and your life filled with hope and joy that cannot be touched or taken by the circumstances of life. 

The following truths are critical for you to understand this good news explained by God in the Bible:
The Bible explains that God created us and sustains us. Therefore we are accountable to Him as the absolute authority in our lives. He is perfect, loving and requires us to obey Him perfectly. 
·         God created & owns everything, including you. – Genesis 1:1Psalm 24:1
·         God is perfectly holy. – Matthew 5:481 Pet. 1:14-16
·         God requires your perfect obedience to His law. – Galatians 3:10James 2:10
Instead of seeking God, everyone lives in disobedient rebellion against God. The Bible calls that disobedience “sin”. Good works can never erase the guilt of sin. The penalty for sin is death–not just physical death, for all men die–but eternal separation from God in hell. Man deserves this judgment for refusing to obey God.
·         You have broken God’s law. – Romans 3:1023
·         You will pay the eternal penalty for your sin. – Romans 6:23
·         You cannot save yourself by your good works. – Titus 3:5
God’s great love and mercy can extend a pardon to every sinner. God sent His eternal-divine Son, Jesus Christ into the world as the incarnate God-man (fully God and fully man), (1) to live the perfect sinless life that we've all failed to live (providing for us the perfect spotless righteousness that we don't deserve and could never earn no matter how many good deeds we did), (2) to die the substituionary death that we could never die (enduring the punishment of God and satisfying the wrath of God in the place of all who repent and believe) and (3) to rise from the dead proving that He is indeed God, thus declaring victory over sin and death, and guaranteeing a future resurrection unto eternal life for all those who repent and believe. 

·         Christ came to earth as both God and sinless man. – Colossians 2:91 John 3:5
·         Christ demonstrated His love by dying on the cross to pay sin’s penalty. – Romans 5:82 Cor. 5:21
·         Christ rose from the grave and is alive today guaranteeing the future resurrection of life to all who believe. – Jn. 5:291 Cor. 15:420-23
God commands you to confess and repent of your sin.  You must believe in Jesus Christ as the full and complete payment for sin and submit your entire life to Him as Lord and Savior. Salvation, and total forgiveness from God, is instantly granted to all those who genuinely repent and believe in Jesus Christ as their sole savior (to forgive them) and their sovereign Lord (to rule them). 
·         You must repent of all that dishonors God. – Isaiah 55:7Luke 9:23
·         You must believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and by faith submit to Him as your Lord (thus evidencing true faith and salvation though NOT earning it) -  Matthew 11:28-30Acts 16:31Romans 10:9;Ephesians 2:8-10James 2:14-261 John 5:1-5