Core Values

Mission Statement & Core Values
of Grace Bible Church Plantation
We exist to glorify and enjoy God by:
Exalting Jesus Christ    We are committed to:
• God-centered worship with sober reverence and energetic joy
Expository preaching that unveils Christ and trains us to correctly interpret and live upon God’s all-sufficient Word
• Bible-teaching music that displays God’s multifaceted grace through skilled craftsmanship and a rich variety of styles
Authentic worship in spirit and truth that publicly expresses at all times our satisfaction and contentment in Christ
Equipping One Another    We are doing this by:
• Using our God-given spiritual gifts to minister His grace to each other in ways that focus our attention and gratefulness on God
• Disciplining our leaders to humbly and eagerly serve the saints by proving to be loving examples to His flock
• Continually encouraging and exhorting one another, lest we become hardened by the deceitfulness of our sin
• Letting our light shine before men in ways that they may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven
Evangelizing the World    We understand that:
• Each person in all humanity needs to be rescued from receiving the justice they deserve of eternal punishment in hell
• In order to receive eternal life, a person must hear and believe the good news of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for sinners
• When a person is truly born again by grace alone resulting in repentance and  faith, they will joyfully submit to the lordship of Christ
• As ambassadors of Christ, we have the sober commission and the high honor of laboring to make disciples of all nations